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Israeli Min. Shaked’s political add on ‘Fascism’ gets lost in ‘translation’


The message Ayelet Shaked of Israel’s ‘New Right’ political party’s campaign ad seems to be confusing, and lost to many as a bizarre political clip showing the Minister of Justice seductively holding a bottle of ‘Fascism’ perfume.
– WATCH clip, as it’s going viral, and explained on Newsweek.

By Reuters


An election campaign video starring Israel’s right-wing justice minister spoofs perfume ads to sell her political priorities, but has a strong whiff of muddled message given the fragrance is labeled “Fascism.”

The intended meaning of the ad—three weeks before the elections—is lost on many, especially those who don’t speak Hebrew and just see the word fascism in English, without being able to understand the voice-over. Continue Reading »