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Israel’s pro-cannabis party threatens to sue Facebook over page deletion

Green Leaf, Israel’s pro-marijuana political party, claims Facebook re-approved their promotions campaign in order to avoid litigation, but then deleted Green Leaf’s account as way of ‘neutralizing’ them.

By Nir Cohen, Alexandra Lukash


Israel’s pro-marijuana legalization party, Green Leaf (Ale Yarok), is threatening to sue Facebook after it removed one of its publicity campaigns from the social media platform.

Green Leaf’s lawyer sent a letter to Facebook explaining that in October 2018, the party launched a publicity campaign on the social media platform in order to raise funds for a High Court appeal over Israel’s cannabis laws.

Israel’s Green Leaf (Ale Yarok) party – YouTube screengrab

As part of this campaign, the party paid for 15 adverts on Facebook for a total sum of NIS 11,500 (some $3,000). Continue Reading »