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BUSTED: BDS supporter, UK filmmaker Ken Loach profiting from Israel ‘every year’

#BDSfail: The Guardian reports that avid BDS supporter Ken Loach has knowingly received handsome royalties from his films being distributed and screened in Israeli cinemas for over 25 years.
– Loach’s moral hypocrisy for repeatedly attacking Radiohead for “supporting Apartheid” by performing in Israel didn’t go unnoticed.

By Binyamin Tobias, Amir Kaminer


Is famous British director Ken Loach—one of the most vocal supporters of the BDS movement—excluding himself from the boycott effort he so vigorously pushes on others?

Nearly all of Loach’s most recent films have been screened in Israel even though the director told Yedioth Ahronoth in the past that he would “prefer his films not be distributed in Israel.” It would appear he does not make much of an effort to stop them from being screened. Continue Reading »