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Israel’s coastline belongs to whom?

Ashkelon beachfront kiosk controversy raises questions as to local authorities, or even state’s abilities to protect their public spaces.


Can a real estate developer annex a part of the natural coastline that was intended to be public property, then turn it into a prosperous commercial enterprise? What are the state and local authority supposed to do to ensure that the coast remains designated for public use only?

File photo: The Ashkelon beach.

The Ashkelon beach. – Photo: Eliyahu Hershkowitz

These fundamental issues are today being put to the test in the wake of a controversy over the future of a property on Ashkelon’s beachfront, in a spot where a commercial enterprise is operating.

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Abandoned quarries being rehabilitated into parks, lakes, amphitheaters

Used quarries throughout the country have been amazingly rehabilitated by the Quarry Rehabilitation Fund.


As the sun set on Thursday in the Avital Valley – a few kilometers from the Syrian border – miniature replicas of cone-shaped volcanoes that once erupted at the site glowed again in an automated light show.

The once volcanic Avital, which later became a valued quarrying spot, is to be inaugurated as a park this Passover. It is one of several quarries throughout the country being rehabilitated by the Quarry Rehabilitation Fund.

In an effort to ensure that mine and quarry lands are economically viable after projects are completed, the fund collects royalties from developers while the quarrying is being carried out, the percentage of which depends on the value of the minerals being harvested.

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