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IDF Bedouin soldier ‘Exiled’ from his village finds new home on kibbutz


Having been attacked in his home village & unable to return for volunteering for the IDF, Sergeant Adham Saab found comfort & safety on a kibbutz in Southern Israel.

By Israel Moskovitz


Twenty-one-year-old Sergeant Adham Saab dreamt of volunteering to serve in the IDF since the age of 10, but it was just two years ago, one month after beginning his service, that his dream became a nightmare when he was attacked in his village by more than 10 men who disapproved of his choice to serve.

Sergeant Adham Saad (Photo: Chayam Hornstein)

Sergeant Adham Saad – Photo: Chayam Hornstein

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190 ‘Lone Soldiers’ Complete IDF’s Hebrew Course – ‘Ulpan’

This week, some 190 “Lone Soldiers” finished an ‘Ulpan’, a special Hebrew crash-course run by the IDF’s education branch.

By David Lev


Some 190 “Lone Soldiers”, immigrants who have come to Israel without their families to serve in the Israeli army, finished a special Hebrew instruction course run by the IDF this week.

Lone soldiersThe soldiers, about 100 of whom are headed to combat units, recently made Aliyah from 25 countries from around the world: Argentina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Peru, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, the United States, Uzbekistan, and Venezuela.

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