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IDF soldier died after surgery but donated organs saved 6 others


19 yr-old Lee Hassin ז”ל underwent surgery at Sheba Medical Center to remove a large but benign brain tumor. Since he did not survive the operation, his parents donated his organs and now 6 other Israelis, including an 18 yr-old girl & a 5 yer-old boy, have a chance at life.

By Meytal Yassour Beit-Or and Israel Hayom Staff


The organs of IDF soldier Lee Hassin, 19, who died of a brain tumor, have saved the lives of six people.

Lee Hassin, 19, of Pardess Hannah – Photo Courtesy of the Hassin family

“I believe that if they asked Lee, he would say ‘yes’ to donating his organs,” said Hassin’s mother, Heli, said.

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