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Israel’s cellphone towers go into the service of meteorology scientists


Israeli scientists refined a method of using cellular towers to measure rainfall, snow & even detect fog.

By Iddo Genuth


Serendipity or a happy accidental discovery, has been a well documented part of the development of science and technology throughout recorded history. From Penicillin to Viagra, x-rays to the cosmic background radiation (the ancient hum left by the Big Bang), chance was there to help those who had an open mind.

Missouri Judge Blocks Laws on Cell Phone Towers. August 29, 2013 ( Thomas Coex/AFP )

Cell Phone Towers. – Photo: Thomas Coex/AFP

Professor Hagit Messer from Tel Aviv University had a small help from lady luck when she realized about 10 years ago that it is possible to dramatically improve the accuracy of environmental monitoring using an unexpected tool – cellular towers – such as the ones found in and around any modern city. Continue Reading »