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CNN Calls 32 Year Old Town ‘New Settlement’ Proving Embedded Anti-Israel Bias – AGAIN

AGAIN, A CNN Screwup: Over 3 decades after the town was established, CNN has “discovered” Mevo Horon – and declared it an “illegal settlement” in it’s ‘news’ [sic].

By Moshe Cohen


Nearly three decades after it was established, CNN has “discovered” the town of Mevo Horon – and declared it an “illegal settlement,” according to Yehudit Tiar, one of the town’s long-time residents. “When I contacted them, they themselves admitted that they weren’t clear on the dates. It just goes to show the quality of research and level of believability in the mass media.”

CNN (illustrative) – Thinkstock

The “discovery” of CNN was apparently made over Passover, when the news network broadcast a story about a “new settlement” that was “causing distress to three Palestinian villages.” Continue Reading »