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Kosher Israeli children’s snack Bamba will reduce peanut allergies to U.S. kids

With Israeli children owing their resistance to peanut allergies to the legendary snack loved by all, Nestlé is now exposing it to a wider US audience, making Bamba an ideal candidate to dramatically reduce the number of American children from developing the dreadful allergy.

By Navit Zommer


Will Bamba, the famous, all-times favorite Israeli peanut snack reduce American peanut allergies? The Osem company’s snack will soon be on its way widespread distribution in the US, in a a deal brokered by the international food giant Nestlé.

Bamba is planned to be adopted by Nestlé’s baby snacks section, and a new commercial aired recently already shows the Bamba icon — a red headed baby — walking the streets of New York City. Continue Reading »