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Pakistan threatens Israel with nuclear response after reading ‘fake news’ report


After a Pakistani website posted a bogus report that Israel’s “Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon” threatened a nuclear strike on Pakistan should they deploy troops to Syria, the Pakistani Defense Minister replied: ‘Israel forgets Pakistan is a nuclear state.’

By Dan Lavie, News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


A false news report in a local Pakistani website prompted the country’s defense minister to send a stern warning Israel’s way on Saturday, threatening a potential nuclear conflict.

Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Asif - Photo: na.gov.pk

Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Asif – Photo: na.gov.pk

The fake report was featured on the Awdnews website after Pakistan announced on Thursday that it was willing to send ground troops to Syria to help the war against the Islamic State group. Continue Reading »

Unimpressed With US Promises About a Nuclear Iran, Saudis to Buy Pakistani Nukes

With Riyadh having said they would never be under threat of a nuclear Iran, Saudi Arabia has been negotiating with Pakistan on its acquisition of nuclear weapons.

By Matt Wanderman


Saudi Arabia is trying to purchase nuclear weapons from Pakistan, according to senior US officials.

Nuclear cloud – Photo: US Navy

Saudi Arabia has expressed concerns over the way nuclear negotiations with Iran are being run. It has said that it fears the final agreement would allow Iran the capability of developing nuclear weapons, either by ignoring its obligations or by waiting a few years until the terms are over. Continue Reading »

Pakistani Newspaper Op-Ed: Israel to be Next Superpower

A large Pakistani paper publishes a surprising op-ed forecasting Israel as benefiting big-time from current Islamic chaos in the world, and this is all in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

By Gil Ronen


Pakistan’s The Nation newspaper, which describes itself as being the market leader in the Punjab and Islamabad areas, has published an op-ed that predicts Israel will become the world’s next superpower.

Aisha Noor, a “researcher and designer,” begins her piece by asserting straightforwardly that Israel “has decided to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the Jewish Temple in its place.”

As evidence supporting this, she notes among other things that Israeli Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel recently said that it was time to begin building homes for Jews without restrictions, and that he said in a radio interview that “building the Jewish Temple is the paramount demand of the Torah, as it is at the forefront of Jewish salvation.”

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