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Opinion: Abbas’ gov’t inadvertently pushed Palestinians into Israel’s arms

Op-Ed: Since the PA halted contacts with Israel, the Palestinian public now turns directly to the Israelis for work permits, no longer paying the PA fees for the permits, interacting directly with Israel and no longer dependent on the bureaucracy of the Abbas government, all see by the PA as an existential nightmare for the authorities in Ramallah.

By Michael Milstein


About a month ago, an odd occurrence happened in Hebron, the like of which has not been seen since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in 1994. Thousands of Palestinians gathered at the gate of the Israel’s local Coordination and Liaison headquarters to obtain work permits at zero cost. Continue Reading »

Palestinians Prefer Working For Settlers Than in the Palestinian Authority


Israeli settlers pay & treat Palestinian workers far better than their fellow Palestinian employers, and don’t demand kickbacks from women workers.

By Israel Today Staff


If Israeli Jews are such blood-thirsty haters of all things Arab, then why do Palestinian Arabs prefer working for them?

Palestinian Authority TV acknowledged as much in recent broadcasts of the program Workers’ Affairs, which were translated by Palestinian Media Watch.

Palestinian laborers employed by Israelis

A number of Palestinian laborers were interviewed, and openly stated that both pay and work conditions for Arabs are far better with Israeli employers than with fellow Palestinians. Continue Reading »