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VIDEO: Israeli Safari lions love to start off their day with coffee

WATCH: Once the coffee is put out, the lions at Israel’s Ramat Gan Safari spend about 30 minutes together enjoying their morning caffeine fix.



Lions at the Ramat Gan Safari woke up with a kick Monday morning as they rolled around in coffee grinds.

Ramat Gan Safari lions enjoying their morning coffee. – Video: Shay Ben Naftali/Ramat Gan Safari

Yifat, a safari employee, spread coffee in an open area and then let the lions out of their den, after moving far away from the area.

When the lions were released they followed the strong smell of the coffee and started rolling on the grinds for over 30 minutes. Continue Reading »

8 yr-old lion undergoes surgery to remove tennis ball-sized tumor at Israel’s Safari

Lion-keeper’s suspicions were raised when Samouni, Ramat Gan Safari’s 8-year-old lion developed a swelling. His surgery team removed a tumor that will be tested to see if its malignant.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


An 8-year-old lion at a wildlife park in Israel had a tumor removed from its abdomen on Wednesday.

Safari staff prepare Samouni for the operation – Photo: Reuters

The lion, Samouni, developed a swelling in his abdomen that was seen in a routine daily medical checkup and aroused the suspicions of his keeper at the Ramat Gan Safari.

Clinical staff took a biopsy two weeks ago, but laboratory tests were unable to determine what kind of tumor it was. Continue Reading »

Watch! See How Elephants in Israel React to Rocket Warning Sirens

Amazing footage shows how natural instinct kicks in for herd of Ramat Gan elephants at the ‘Safari’ zoo.

By Ari Soffer


With the increased range of rockets fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip, Israel’s major population centers in the center of the country are firmly within their reach.

Elephant, פילים

Elephant, פילים – Photo: Thinkstock

Just this morning, several rockets were intercepted over Tel Aviv by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system; yesterday, rockets were fired as far north as the port city of Haifa – the furthest Gaza terrorists have ever been able to reach.

And it’s not just millions of people at risk. Continue Reading »

Syrian brown bear undergoes spinal surgery for slipped disc in Israel


Mango, the 19 year old Israeli born brown bear, was treated at the Ramat Gan Zoological Park for a painful slipped disc.



Mango the brown bear was clearly in pain, as his keepers at Israel’s Ramat Gan Zoological Park observed some three weeks ago. He was eating well, but his walk had slowed and he clearly didn’t like getting up. Sure, there was clearly a problem, but just try asking a bear where it hurts.

Mango the bear undergoes surgery in Ramat Gan

Mango the bear undergoes surgery in Ramat Gan – Photo: AFP

After a few days with no improvement, the zoo called in the A-team: a team of experts from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, headed by Merav Shamir, an expert on veterinary neurology and neurosurgery. Continue Reading »

View Video: Asian Elephant Born in Israeli Park

7 yr-old Asiatic elephant La Belle gives birth to a female calf. The breed is an endangered one.

By Gil Ronen


La Belle, a seven-year-old Asiatic elephant, gave birth to female calf, handlers at the Safari Park discovered Friday morning.

The newborn elephant – Tibor Yaeger

The birth followed a 22 month long gestation period.

The father is Motek, a 53 year old Asiatic elephant. The maternal grandmother, 25 year old La Petite, is behaving in a pushy manner since the birth and has tried to suckle the calf. Handlers explained that since this is La Belle’s first birth, her mother may be trying to teach her how to care for the calf. Continue Reading »

Israeli innovation that heals Sumatran tiger is Grrreat!

An experimental foam developed in Rehovot called FoamOtic was made for humans & animals alike. It expands evenly, covering the whole ear canal and helps stops chronic scratching.


Pedang, a 14-year-old rare, male Sumatran tiger at Ramat Gan’s Safari Park, has stopped scratching his ear for the first time in years, thanks to the insertion on Thursday of a special experimental foam to treat his chronic condition.
Nice Kitty

Young tiger just a year old – IsraelandStuff/PP

FoamOtic, a new formulation and drug-delivery platform for a combination of known active ingredients, was developed by Otic Pharma in Rehovot for human patients, as well as for dogs and cats that tend to have such infections in their ears.Pedang
Continue Reading »