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Trump has till Thursday to determine fate of US Embassy location


White House press secretary Spicer says President Trump has yet to make a decision on relocating the embassy to Jerusalem now, but a report in Israel indicated that Trump had decided and that the U.S. Embassy would remain in Tel Aviv, at least for the upcoming 6 months.

By Elad Benari


White House press secretary Sean Spicer said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump has yet to reach a decision on whether or not to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Haaretz reported.

Trump only has one day left to make a decision, before he will have to either sign or not sign a presidential waiver that will delay the implementation of a 1995 decision by Congress to move the embassy. Continue Reading »

White House: President Trump seeks ‘conflict-ending agreement’ with Abbas


Sean Spicer, the White House spokesman confirmed the May 3rd meeting between president Trump and the PA autocrat Mahmoud Abbas in Washington, with the aim of  “a conflict-ending settlement” between Israel and the Arabs.



President Donald Trump is seeking “a conflict-ending settlement” for Israelis and Palestinians, his spokesman said ahead of Trump’s meeting with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The statement Wednesday by Sean Spicer, who was confirming the May 3 visit, is an indication that Trump is determined to extract a deal from the sides.

“They will use the visit to reaffirm the commitment of both the United States and the Palestinian leadership to pursuing and ultimately concluding a conflict-ending settlement between the Palestinians and Israel,” Spicer said in his opening remarks at the daily news briefing. Continue Reading »

Hassidic Reporter castigated by Trump gets Passover White House interview


Despite a public presidential rebuke during a February press conference, Hassidic correspondent for the Jewish weekly magazine Ami, displays amicable relationship with Trump administration in his exclusive interview for Passover.

By Erez Linn and Israel Hayom Staff


The White House smoothed things over last week with a hassidic Jewish reporter whom President Donald Trump rebuked last February.

Jewish weekly Ami Magazine correspondent Jake Turx was granted an exclusive interview with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, which was published in the magazine’s special Passover edition. Continue Reading »

White House Press Secretary: No decision yet to move US Embassy to Jerusalem


Asked about moving embassy to Jerusalem, White House Press Secretary tells reporters, “There’s no decision…We’re at the very early stages of that decision-making process.”



The Trump administration has yet to decide on when to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, its spokesman said.

On Monday, Sean Spicer, in his first Q&A with reporters as White House press secretary, said that President Donald Trump had not yet made a decision about the embassy move.

“There’s no decision,” Spicer said when he was asked about whether the administration had considered the strategic consequences of a move. “We’re at the very early stages of that decision-making process.” Continue Reading »