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IDF’s most elite units host Indian special forces in joint training exercises

While a contingent from the Indian Air Force were participating in the Blue Flag exercise, 16 visiting Indian commandos, part of their 45-man delegation, were training with the Israeli Air Force’s elite Shaldag unit and Unit 669, the Airborne Combat, Search & Rescue Unit.



A contingent of Indian Garud commandos are in Israel taking part in exercises with elite Israeli special forces as part of the Blue Flag aerial drill.

“The roles of the commandos of the two nations are similar. We carry out what others cannot do,” wing commander K. Baharat told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.
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IDF soldier from Australia was surprise to have parents appear in Masada



At an elite Shaldag Unit ceremony on top of Masada, IAF combat fighter was surprised by his parents attendance who came from Australia thanks to anonymous donation.

By Matan Tzuri

L. (21), a fighter in the Israeli Air Force elite unit Shaldag who recently made aliyah from Australia, already accepted the fact that his parents will not stand beside him in his unit’s training graduation ceremony, which was held in Masada this week. Yet moments before receiving the fighter pin he had been dreaming about for two years of exhausting training, he discovered his parents came to surprise him from across the planet. Continue Reading »