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Pro-Palestinians accuse Facebook of being pro-Israel

Palestinian activist: “We see it [Facebook policies] as a war on the Palestinian narrative.”

By Reuters & ILH Staff


Palestinian activists contended that Facebook and other social media platforms have censored criticism of Israel in response to government pressure and launched a campaign seeking to halt the activity

Palestinians have complained that political posts were removed or demoted especially by Facebook and Instagram, which Facebook owns.

Warning given to the pro-Israel facebook page: IsraelandStuff.com – Screenshot

The “7amleh” digital rights organization launched a website called “7or” on Monday to call attention to its position, saying it has documented 746 rights violations in 2021 so far. Continue Reading »

After years of postponements, court evicts Arab family from E. Jerusalem home owned by Jews

For the first time in 8 years, an Arab family was ordered removed from a Sheikh Jarrah home after long legal dispute.
– ‘The Jewish owners allowed the Arab tenants to live in the apartment for five years rent-free, but the Arab tenants caused financial damages to the owners, so a court ordered eviction was inevitable,’ says Arieh King, director of the Israel Land Fund.

By Yael Friedson


Law enforcement authorities evicted an Arab family from its home in east Jerusalem early Tuesday after the property was purchased by Jews.

This is the first eviction of an Arab family from its home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood since 2009. Continue Reading »