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Tanzania’s 1st Pediatric Heart Surgeon Returns Home


First pediatric open heart surgery performed in Tanzania by medical team trained in Israel.

By Adam Ross


The South-Eastern African state of Tanzania now has its first pediatric heart surgeon, after Dr Godwin Godfrey returned home following five years of training in Israel.

Joint team performs surgery in Tanzania – Photo: Save a Child’s Heart

The Israel based humanitarian project Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), organized Dr Godwin’s training in a landmark achievement that also saw it train a complete surgical team from a foreign state for the first time.

Since being established in 1995, SACH has trained doctors and nurses from all over the world and brought over 3,000 children to Israel from countries in Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, and throughout the Middle East, including the Palestinian Authority (PA), for life saving surgery at Holon’s Wolfson Medical Center. Continue Reading »