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TIME Magazine takes yet another swipe at Israel’s PM Netanyahu

Rarely fair and balanced when reporting on Israel, this TIME Magazine featured article on the Israeli Prime Minister could not avoid acknowledging the list of Netanyahu’s accomplishments.

By David Lazarus


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now surpassed David Ben-Gurion to become the longest-serving Prime Minister in Israel’s modern history. Netanyahu has already won five elections, and, facing a sixth, finds himself on the cover of the upcoming TIME Magazine.

Benjamin Netanyahu as a soldier in Sayeret Matkal (Photo credit: Wikicommons/ GPO)

Capt. Benjamin Netanyahu as a soldier in Sayeret Matkal – Photo: Wikicommons/ GPO

“Bibi is preparing for yet another campaign, a September do-over election that will test yet again whether the Israel that has grown to resemble its Prime Minister—prosperous, powerful and resilient, yet insecure—still wants him,” reads the TIME article about Israel’s Prime Minister. Continue Reading »