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Saudi Arabia, Jordan, PA warn Israel: Beware of Erdogan’s Jerusalem agenda

According to an Israel newspaper, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the PA have all voiced their trepidation to Israel over Turkey’s President Erdogan, and his maneuvering to “claim ownership over the Jerusalem issue.” 

By i24NEWS


Israel has been warned the past year by Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority over Turkey’s growing influence in Jerusalem, particularly President Erdogan’s attempt to “claim ownership over the Jerusalem issue,” Haaretz reported on Thursday.

Israeli defense officials confirmed the warnings to Haaretz, adding that Turkey’s activities in Jerusalem have been monitored closely by Israel.

Dome of the Rock, on the Temple Mount – IsraelandStuff/PP

Such activities included donations by Turkey to Islamic organizations in Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem, organizing of arranged tours by Erdogan’s AKP party as well as demonstrations by Turkish citizens in front of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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