Tehran University professor/cleric: “Jews are sorcerers”

A Tehran University professor, on an Iranian state TV broadcast, discusses Judaism and the Jewish Sorcerers & Genies.


An Iranian cleric has accused Jews of being skilled sorcerers and said that Israel uses their power against Iran.


YouTube Screenshot of Iranian cleric Valiollah Naghipourfar on state TV.

The Tehran University professor, who was recently interviewed on Iran’s state broadcaster, said that Jews use sorcery for espionage. Valiollah Naghipourfar talked about jinns, or genies, according to The Daily Beast.

“Can jinns be put to use in intelligence gathering?” the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting presenter asks the professor in the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on July 2.

“The Jew is very practiced in sorcery. Indeed most sorcerers are Jews,” Naghipourfar replies, according to The Daily Beast report.

The two went on to discuss the use Israel makes of jinns against Iran, and the connection between Judaism and sorcery.

“Jinns, of course, are supernatural creatures, nearly always demonic or evil, with origins in Islamic mythology,” The Daily Beast explains. “In Iranian culture, there is great strength attributed to their nefarious ways, and many believe that sorcerers or magicians employ jinns to do everything from tormenting a meddling mother-in-law to sabotaging a romantic rival.”

Is the view that Jews engage in sorcery common in Iran? The idea “remains the fringe view of extremist clerics like Naghipourfar,” according to the report.


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