Texas A&M University will open a campus in Nazareth, Northern Israel


For the 1st time, a renowned American university will open a new branch in an Arab city.

Education Minister Piron: ‘Significant step towards integrating Arabs in Israeli society’

By Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad



The prestigious Texas A&M University will open a new branch in the city of Nazareth in northern Israel, “Hashalom” Campus, in which some 2,500 students are expected to enroll.

Student - Photo: Reuters

Student – Photo: Reuters

The Council for Higher Education in Israel noted that this is the first time that a leading foreign university is opening a branch in an Arab city.

Students who will successfully complete their academic duties will receive a degree from Texas A&M.

The new campus is set to open in 2015. Education Minister Shai Piron, the Planning and Budgeting Committee within the Council for Higher Education and President Shimon Peres were all involved in efforts for its establishment. An official ceremony announcing the new campus and the signing of an agreement for its establishment will take in the President’s Residence in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Minister Piron said he sees the new campus as an additional and significant step towards integrating Arab-Israelis within the Israeli society.

Council for Higher Education Director Dr. Avital Stein said: “The need to establish a higher education institute in an Arab city stems from the gap in which the Arab population constitutes 20% of the entire population, but only 12% enroll at higher education institutions.”


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