The Israeli kibbutz will flourish in South Sudan

Israel’s new ally in Africa, South Sudan, hopes to emulate the success of Israel’s cooperative farming villages by sending 30 gov’t officials to learn Israel’s methods of modern Kibbutz farming.

By Yossi Aloni


Since gaining independence from Sudan in 2011, South Sudan has proved to be one of Israel’s most staunch friends in Africa. Now South Sudan is looking to establish new farming village modeled after the Israeli kibbutz.

The Israeli kibbutz in South Sudan

Israel’s new best friend in Africa, South Sudan, looks to emulate the success of the Jewish state’s cooperative farming villages, otherwise known as ‘ kibbutzim’. – Photo: Israel Today

A delegation of 30 government officials from South Sudan recently arrived in Israel in connection with their new nation’s plans to build a network of cooperative farming communities. The visit is scheduled to last for a full month under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Agency for International Development and Cooperation.

During their stay, the South Sudan representatives will learn Israel’s methods of modern cooperative farming, development and management.

Beyond cooperative farming, Israel hopes to continue its cooperation with Africa’s newest nation in the areas of education, health and other technological advancements.

Danny Carmon, the head of the Agency for International Development and Cooperation, said that such cooperative works are becoming an increasingly important part of Israel’s diplomatic efforts. To help developing nations like South Sudan tackle the challenges of food production, clean water and general health provides a great boost to Israel’s ability to establish friendly ties with nations across the region.


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