Turns out ‘anti-Israel poster-child’ doesn’t hate IDF soldiers


16 year-old Palestinian ‘hero’ of anti-Israel propaganda film unexpectedly replied he doesn’t hate IDF soldiers, when asked to answer on-stage questions following its screening.

By Israel Today Staff


The above video is an excerpt from the leftist propaganda film “The Boy From H2” that seeks to portray Israeli soldiers as heartless and abusive toward the Palestinian Arabs.

The film was such a hit among liberals in Israel that the left-wing NGO B’Tselem entered it in the International Film Festival that concluded yesterday in Berlin.

But “The Boy From H2” was a flop on the international stage, and suffered even more disappointment when the “hero” of the documentary, Mohammed Burkan, who was 12 when it was filmed in 2011, came out and said he isn’t angry at the Israeli soldiers.

As can be seen in the clip above, the soldiers actually behaved in a very humane manner after young Mohammed threw stones at them. One soldier said the frightened boy had been punished enough, while another took him home to his parents with no further punitive action.

Burkan was actually at the film festival, and was asked on stage to answer questions following its screening.

To the astonishment of the audience and festival organizers, when Burkan was asked, “Do you have anger toward the Israeli soldiers and the occupation?” he simply replied, “No.”


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