U.S. investigation of Facebook after purchase of Israeli company sparks interest.

Purchasing new hot technology from Israel can spark world & also U.S. government interest. 

By John Roberts


The purchase of Israel’s Face.com by Facebook has attracted the attention of the federal government, which has called the social media giant for a hearing on Capitol Hill this week, citing privacy concerns and civil liberties.

For over a year, Facebook has been using the software from Face.com based in Tel Aviv, which helps users in the labeling of photos, with the controversial program that contributes to a database of faces composed of more than 900 million users of the popular network. Since Facebook in June acquired Face.com for an estimated $60 million, the online privacy concerns have only increased among activists, according to the news media.

Face.com based in Israel at work


During the morning hearing, the Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Privacy,

Technology and the Law will challenge Facebook’s public and private policies, and about the details of the use of facial recognition software.

The concerns follow a long list of criticisms of Facebook in recent years, ranging from accusations of online privacy issues, about questionable advertising policies and changes in the Facebook status of their Rights and Responsibilities. Apart from being sued on several occasions, Facebook has been audited by the Federal Trade Commission or FTC, which in an agreement last November, will have regular audits for the next twenty years.


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