U2 frontman Bono spotted in Israel

Lead singer of Irish rock band seen in Jaffa as part of what appears to be private visit in Israel

U2 frontman Bono is currently in Israel in what appears to be a private visit, Ynet has learned. Irish singer Paul Hewson, AKA Bono was spotted chatting with five friends at a restaurant in the Jaffa Port on Monday.

Bono’s visit in Israel has been kept under wraps and the media was not informed of his arrival.

בונו בביקור בנמל יפו. תמונות ראשונות

Bono in Jaffa. Private visit - Photo: Jackey Yaakov

This is not the singer’s first visit in Israel. In 1997, he visited the country together with U2 for one concert in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park. Israeli producers have been trying to arrange a second U2 show in Israel since, but without success.

Apart from his musical career, Bono has made a name for himself as a leading human rights activist. It is unclear whether his visit in Israel is related to his aid efforts. The Peres Center for Peace has denied rumors that the singer’s visit was connected to the center’s work.

בונו. מתרועע עם מכרים במסעדה

Meeting friends in Jaffa restaurant - Photo: Jackey Yaakov

Meeting friends in Jaffa restaurant

In 2007, Bono met former Kadima chairwoman and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni in New York and was invited to visit Israel.

His current visit may possibly be related to his business ventures as it was recently reported he had invested funds in the Dropbox company, who has ties with an Israeli firm.

Initial information was received via the Red Mail.


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By Ran Boker
With Or Barnea contributing to this report