UK Labour conference adopts slew of anti-Israel policies

Placed on the anti-Israel agenda by UK Labor party delegates included renegotiating trade deals, Palestinian ‘right of return’, ending British arms sales and the labeling of Jewish products from Judea and Samaria as coming from the ‘Occupied West Bank’.

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UK Labor party delegates adopted a raft of anti-Israel policies on Monday, laying the groundwork for a hostile relationship with the Jewish state should Jeremy Corbyn become prime minister.

Included in the adopted motions was the boycott of Israeli settlement goods and a promise to reject previous trade deals should Israel “fail to recognize the rights of the Palestinians.”

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The party also appeared to endorse the “right of return” for the Palestinian people and commitment to stopping British arms sales to Israel.

The policy proposals were passed during the party’s annual conference in Brighton.

The conference, dominated by Brexit and talk of an anticipated general election, was panned by pro-Israel groups who called the results “another dark day in the history of the Labor party.”

James Sorene, chief executive of the British Israel Communications and Research Center, told The Times of Israel that the Labor party should focus on combating anti-Semitism instead of indulging in “shallow and malicious rabble rousing because that plays well with the crowd.”

The Labor party has been hounded by accusations of anti-Semitism in recent years, with critics slamming Corbyn for allowing a hostile environment towards Jews in the party to fester under his leadership.

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Boris Johnson calls UK Labour Head Corbyn anti-Semitic


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