UN Human Rights Council exemplifies the absurdity of it’s name


Human Rights Council makes a mockery of it’s mandate by completely ignoring the world’s victims in its self satisfying personal agenda.

Ignoring continuing Syrian atrocities against it populace on a regular bases and the IDF providing emergency medical attention to the wounded Syrians in Israeli hospitals, the UN Human Rights Council passed with the support of 33 members Agenda Item 7, condemning ‘Israeli treatment of the Syrian population on the Golan Heights.’

By Ynetnews


Israel’s staunch ally, America, was the sole buffer against five resolutions which passed Friday against the Jewish State at the UN’s top human rights body.

WOUNDED SYRIANS are treated at this Israeli field hospital on the Golan Heights. Photo: REUTERS

WOUNDED SYRIANS are treated at this Israeli field hospital on the Golan Heights. – Photo: REUTERS

Four of the resolutions, which focused on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, passed 46-1, with the US the only country to vote against.

On the final day of the body’s winter session, the American representative to the body condemned controversial Agenda Item 7, which required a discussion of Israel at every gathering, saying that such resolutions are not only biased “but they work against our collective efforts to advance a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

Paula Shcriefer, the US representative to the UN’s Human Rights Council, called on the council’s members to “avoid actions that hinder” such an outcome, in a short speech in which she argued that “council continually singles out Israel for criticism without acknowledging the violent attacks directed against its people.”


She noted that “none of the world’s worst human rights violators, some of whom are the objects of resolutions at this session have their own stand alone agenda item at this council,” and emphasized that “only Israel, a vibrant and open democracy, received such treatment.”

The fifth resolution under Agenda Item 7, which passed with the support of 33 members, condemned Israeli treatment of the Syrian population on the Golan Heights.

Schriefer ridiculed the resolution: “To consider such a resolution while the Syrian regime continues to slaughter its own citizens exemplifies the absurdity of this agenda item.”

No representatives of the Foreign Ministry were present because of an on-going general strike.


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