US Administration Pressing Israel to Destroy Its Nukes

Thomas Countryman, the Assistant Secretary of State under John Kerry, traveled to Israel to convince Israel’s Foreign Ministry officials about turning the Middle East to a nuke-free zone.

By Nitsan Keidar


Assistant US Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation,  recently visited Israel and held talks with senior Foreign Ministry officials, about the possibility of making the Middle East nuclear-free.

Thomas Countryman

Thomas Countryman, Assistant Secretary of State

Washington seeks to advance the idea after reaching agreement with Russia about the matter.

The State Department confirmed Countryman’s visit and sources in the US Administration said that Israeli agreement to the idea would be a catalyst for bringing additional countries into discussions on the matter.

The Americans have been attempting to convene an international conference on the subject for some time, without success. Secretary of State John Kerry spoke about the idea with pessimism, and said it was “a very tough challenge.”

The Foreign Ministry did not want to respond to the report about Countryman’s visit and told Arutz Sheva that “the subject is a sensitive one, we will not talk about it.”


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  1. Fr Christopher P. Kelley says:

    There is no Shame in this SHAM of a White House & Regime in Washington. That’s why the American Fuehrer’s symbol is a ZERO.

    • Don Millet says:

      That will never happen with ZERO who has an unalterable agenda to destroy America, Israel and the West. He’s who he is and the sooner we realize this, the better. What really surprises me is that he has so little opposition here at home, which, to me, is unbelievable. It’s as if we’re living in a fog where confusion reigns. What we’re seeing could be God’s curse upon man, particularly in this country for promoting and glorifying the evils of abortion, homosexuality, and godliness, and this period of time could be our Babylon all over again.

  2. I think Obama should lead by example.
    When he can prove the US no longer holds nuclear weapons for it’s deterrence against a foreign attack, Israel will consider… maybe!

  3. Please Mr. Prime minister, do not give up your Nukes.
    You all will be like sitting ducks.

  4. Let’s have Israel keep their nukes and destroy the Obama administration instead.

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