Vatican and Israel sign a historic economic agreement for the first time.

The Vatican is about to “indirectly” recognize Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem, considered by many Palestinians as the capital of their future independent state, it was reported by the news media today.


This would be done if the project of an economic agreement between the Jewish state and the Holy See, which contains no distinction between sovereign Israel and the territories occupied by it in 1967, is approved by both parties, the news media reported.

The lack of a preamble containing that distinction is at the center of the tension between Christian denominations and Palestinian Liberation Organization or PLO and the Vatican.

Israeli chief rabbi with the Pope.

Israeli chief rabbi with the Pope.

Palestinian sources told the Israeli media that the deal would mean “indirect recognition” of the Israeli annexation of East Jerusalem and Israeli law enforcement, in part, of the West Bank.

France, which has a special position as custodian of the Christian holy sites and Christian communities,  was also concerned about the apparent latent recognition of the annexation and economic consequences for the communities, and in particular Christian institutions in the country and people that are part of them, the report said.

Contrary to the concerns of the Palestinians, an “informed source” is quoted as saying that “there is nothing in the agreement that violates the rights of the Palestinians” and that the agreement was made with the sovereign state of Israel in their identity that is internationally recognized, and therefore there is no need to clarify a preamble.

The Permanent Bilateral Working Commission between the Holy See and the State of Israel will meet in Rome today and tomorrow and continue the talks in Jerusalem next week, to address the issues of disagreement.


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