Video: Land Day Riot in Bethlehem

Soldiers in a watchtower in Bethlehem caught Arab rioters hurling stones and firebombs at their position on video.

Land Day turned violent Friday when Arabs began hurling Molotov cocktails and stones at soldiers near the Kalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem, and Bethlehem to the south.

A video taken by IDF soldiers in a watchtower in Bethlehem showed rioters massing at the security fence and hurling stones and firebombs at their position.

The soldiers inside can be heard reporting a “balagan” – great chaos or confusion – to their commanders and calling for reinforcements via radio while taking video with their personal smart phones.


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By Gabe Kahn


  1. Dshap says:

    A week or so ago, I posted that I had a diffenrence of opinion on one of your posts. It was an extreeeemely rare occurrence as I almost always agree with your posts.
    So, here we are on March 31, 2012 and I just want to throw something out there for consideration. I like to think of my self as a glass is half full kind of guy, and frankly, reading all of the hateful liberal press as related to Eretz Yisroel, it is sometimes hard to be that guy… Today, however, I’m feeling very optimistic. Why you may ask is this lunatic optimistic?

    Think about this, for how long have we been hearing about this fakachta “million man march to Jerusalem”? Goodness, they were to come from all over and there was to be little Israel could do to stop them! They were massing in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. Iran was sending thousands including a Minyan of Jews. This was it, the world would see… Yadayadayada.

    Here is the glass half full part: for all their bluster, what the world was shown is that but for a few (very few) thousand… This “land day” event was pretty much a non-event. Our brave IDF (of which my son is a proud kravi soldier, I won’t say more than that online about his service), performed admirably. I watched live video feed of the pa youth and others getting right up into our soldiers faces to taunt them. I watched as these terrorists threw stones with their hands and using slings… Our soldiers kept their discipline and stood their ground, never raising their fists, and only occasionally shooting off a tear gas canister, and finallydefraying that nasty skunk water to disperse theCrowd and to keep them from getting completely out of hand. Conversely, video of hamas and other arab security showed them beating arab protesters with sticks.

    My conclusion from yesterday’s events is that as much anti semitism, anti Zionism, Anti Israel sentiment that is in the world today… Generally good people everywhere find the “palestinain problem” to be what it is, a fraud. These people, who call themselves “palestinian” are nothing but arabs, mostly illiterate, squatting on Israeli land which they want to call occupied, refusing to help themselves, who produce nothing of value, always with their hands out spouting hatred, violence and the destruction of a benevolent nation, Israel and the annihilation of the entire Jewish People.

    I credit in large part your work with Israel &, Phil, Danny Ayalon’s awesome cartoons and others carrying the truth about Israel for all to see. Today I celebrate yesterday’s arab failure to violently disrupt Israel’s sovereignty.

    Am Yisroel Chai!

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree 100% with your assessment & conclusions.

      Most of those who made the Journey to areas that stopped 5km short of our borders were paid AND (flown in from Iran} bused in for the occasions… was done in 2011.

      The ‘Palestinian’ leaders have ‘carried the flag’ to erase Israel. Most educated Muslims no longer ‘hate for the sake of hating’ but, also see these ‘people’ for the violent thugs that they are.

      There is a reason why of ALL the MUSLIM countries, the ONLY one that gives them any rights or services, is Jordan….the REAL Palestine.

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