Video: Who do Berkeley students think the most dangerous, Israel or Islamic State?

Jewish filmmaker waves an Israeli flag & also an Islamic State flag at UC Berkeley campus to see which draws the ire of the university’s students.

By Ynetnews


What happened when filmmaker Ami Horowitz decided to wave the Islamic State flag at UC Berkeley? And what happened when he tried to wave Israel’s flag at the university’s campus? Students at the California research university, it seems, are completely indifferent towards the Islamic State, and very passionate in their views against Israel.


In a three-minutes-long video, Horowitz first waves the black Islamic State flag in different locations on campus, shouting slogans defending the militant group’s operations.

“ISIS is misunderstood, we just want our own state, why does America keep bombing us? American Western imperialism is to blame, not ISIS,” he calls out as passersby merely glance at him, most of them making no comment at these statements.

“We do not want to hurt anybody else if we don’t have to hurt them. Why is America killing us? They are killing innocent civilians. America is causing the deaths in Iraq and in Syria. America’s to blame for the deaths in Syria. Not ISIS, not Islamic State,” he continues.

It is then that a man passing him by, seeing the waving black flag and hearing the pro-IS slogans, wishes him “good luck.”

Passerby wishes Horowitz the ISIS supporter 'good luck.'

Passerby wishes Horowitz the ISIS supporter ‘good luck.’

Horowitz continues playing the role of an Islamic State supporter, bashing American imperialism and claiming “we are ISIS, we are love, we don’t want to harm anybody, we’re forced to by American imperialism and American laws.” Some passersby who see him express their support.

Reasoning that Berkeley has always been a tolerant campus, Horowitz then replaces the black flag with the Israeli flag.

It’s not long before a passerby shouts “Israel is a thief in the night… and a thief in the day” at him. When Horowitz asks the man about Hamas, the man replies with: “It’s the greatest, Hamas.”

Anger aimed at Israel at the Berkeley campus.

Anger aimed at Israel at the Berkeley campus.

Horowitz then takes on the role of an Israel supporter, calling out slogans like “Israel protects Palestinian human rights.”

While most of his statements about Islamic State were met with apathy, this one instantly draws response. “No it doesn’t,” a woman informs him. “Yes it does!” he responds. “The whole world knows you’re wrong,” she fires at him.

“Only Hamas is responsible. Right? You agree with that?” Horowitz asks two passersby. “No, not really,” one of the men tells him. “You don’t agree that Hamas is a terror organization?” he asks, and the two men merely shrug in response.

Swear words at UC Berkeley.

Swear words at UC Berkeley.

He also encounters a vast array of anti-Israel jeers: “F— Israel,” one man says repeatedly. “All of Israel killers,” another student says in broken English. When asked whether Hamas were killers, the answer was a confident “No.”

“Tyranny isn’t cute,” another student informs Horowitz. Yet another student passionately tells Horowitz that Israel is committing “the psychological genocide of this planet,” insisting it was “part of the people who enslave the whole planet.”

“You’re killing kids,” one student hurls at Horowitz, while another accuses him of being “sick.”

“Whatever, yo, free Palestine from Israel, dude!” a student concludes.


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