View clip: Palestinians walk into Israel in broad daylight with impunity


Just days after the brutal murder of an IDF soldier by his Palestinian ‘friend’ working in Israel without permit, Ynet films dozens of Palestinians crossing into Israel illegally from same area murderer entered Israel from.

Security establishment aware of issue, but unable….unwilling to properly respond.

By Yoav Zitun & Attila Somfalvi

Sergeant Tomer Hazan was murdered Friday at the hands of his friend Nidal Amar – an illegal alien who unlawfully entered Israel. However, even this tragic event has failed to stop the endless flow of Palestinians infiltrating into Israel from the West Bank.

hole in fence

Palestinians cross into Israel – Photo: Uri Davidovich, Asi Cohen, Yogev Atias

Ynet’s cameras captured dozens of Palestinians crossing into Israel without hindrance through the border fence in the exact same area from which Hazan’s murderer originated.

The security establishment says the murder cannot halt the entrance of Palestinians into Israel but rather only mitigate the phenomenon.

According to Israeli assessments, some 100,000 Palestinians are currently in Israel, of which some 30,000 have no valid permit. The IDF, police and Shit Bet are more than acutely aware of this issue.

Watch Palestinians cross into Israel

Security forces launch daily operations along the border fence in an attempt to capture infiltrators, but the facts on the ground paint a worrisome picture with dangerous – and as we have seen fatal – implications.

Hussein Salim, who works along the border fence, said that “because of the murder, today we see only a fraction of the infiltrators we would usually see during the year. Usually, they climb on cars or even drive their own cars. They don’t care what anyone thinks. Everyday I stand here and see 1,000 illegals crossing the fence. There is no police, no army, no nothing.”

Chaimon Blumenfeld, the head of the Shaarei Tikva community, which is located near Amar’s village of Beit Amin, said a hole in the security fence allows Palestinians to infiltrate Israel by the dozens on foot or by car during all hours of the day.

Blumenfeld said the Palestinian infiltrators are aided by “greedy Israeli citizens, both Jews and Arabs, who coordinate their arrival at the fence with the Palestinians.”

Blumenfeld said Palestinians also use public transportation to enter Israel illegally. “The fiasco cries to the heavens, and we cry along with it,” he said. “We expected the security establishment to seal the fence hermetically.”

The security establishment says the murder cannot halt the entrance of Palestinians into Israel but rather only mitigate the phenomenon.


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