WATCH: At the Israel Museum, “Herod the Great” Exhibition

At the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, premieres the world’s 1st exhibition on the life & legacy of the Roman King, Herod the Great.

By Hezki Ezra


Arutz Sheva TV visited the world’s first exhibition devoted to the architectural legacy of KiRoman King Herod the Greatng Herod, the Jewish proxy monarch who ruled Jerusalem and the Holy Land under Roman occupation two millennia ago. The exhibition, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, includes about 250 archaeological artifacts recently discovered on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, at the Herodion summer palace, south of the capital, Jericho and other sites.

The display includes a reconstructed tomb and sarcophagus from Herod’s grave and a wall painting from the Herodion. King Herod is famous for having refurbished the Second Temple and the Temple Mount, including construction of the Western Wall.

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