Watch: Australian Peace Activist Shocked to the Core by the Real Israeli-Arab Conflict


Australian peace activist returned to back the ‘Palestinian cause,’ but was shaken by reality & left the Palestinians, convinced the Arabs never really wanted peace.

By Israel Today Staff



Like many people abroad, Darly Johns of Australia was taken in by propaganda that showed dead and wounded Palestinian children, purportedly the victims of heartless Israeli aggression.

Every year, during school and summer camps, Palestinian children are systematically indoctrinated into seeking the death of Jews & the annihilation of Israel.

But when Johns decided to do something about the situation and come volunteer in “Palestine,” she was greeted by a far different reality wherein local Arab children are actually the victims of child abuse from their own society.

In the following video, Johns tearfully recounts how she came to realize that many of the children whose pictures she had been presented as evidence of Israel’s cruelty had in fact died while attacking Jewish men, women and children at the behest of their elders.

And if Johns’ own words are not enough, the video includes clips of local Palestinian Arab children reciting precisely what they have been taught: a bloody hatred for the Jews and a deep desire not for peace, but for war and Israel’s eventual demise.

The subtitles are all in French and Hebrew, so the following is a translation of most of the statements by the Arab children:

1:38 – [Announcer] Her uncle was a shahid (martyr) and went to paradise. He’s now in heaven! [To the young girl] Your uncle?

1:45 – [Girl] He’s in paradise.

2:42 – [Boy] We should show how our fighters resist. Like the young engineers Mohammed Sawimih and Abu Gnadl.

2:50 – [Interviewer] What did they do?

2:53 – [Boy] They are young engineers who set death traps. They blew up tanks of the Jews.

3:03 – They threw stones on the tanks. We went to see when they buried the shahids. And a tank arrived and we threw stones at it, and the soldiers fled.

3:22 – It’s true that we are a small country, but we have young engineers who can make grenades and bombs to blow up the tanks and cause the [Israeli] soldiers to flee.

3:37 – [Boy] We don’t want peace!! We don’t want peace!! We want war! We don’t want peace. We want to die like all the shahids in Jenin.

3:51 – [Interviewer] What chance is there for peace, if the children are educated to die? The youth do not forget those who died as shahids?

3:54 – [Boy] How can we forget them? We do not forget them. We do not forget the blood of the shahids. It is a shahid, he is with Allah. We do not forget him. We fight until we [also] die as shahids.

4:44 – [Boy] Allah willing we will have a future, and I will be just like Sheikh Mahmud. That is my future.

4:52 – [Interviewer] Who is this Sheikh Mahmud who you want to be like?

4:55 – [Boy] He was an engineer of planes and everything. He built bombs and sent shahids to blow up everything, buses and everything.

5:03 – [Interviewer] Do you see your future as a shahid?

5:06 – [Boy] No, that’s not my future… [Interviewer] Then what is your future?

5:09 – Our future is for Israel to disappear. That is our future. That Israel will disappear, Allah willing.


Johns concludes the interview with the astute observation that the Palestinians “never had any other intention except to eliminate Israel.”


Watch the video:

They want the State of Israel to disappear.
The encounter with the truth shocked the Australian activist to the core. At the end of the film clip, she says, “They don’t want peace. They never had any intention except to eliminate Israel”.



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  1. Veronique says:

    It is one thing that this propaganda is fabricated and spread by Muslims, but it is another for the Socialists to spread Islams hatred and lies about Israel throughout the west. Good on the woman for admitting she wast wrong!

  2. James says:

    As an atheist and an Englishman I stand wholeheartedly with the Jews .

  3. vicki almond says:

    As an Australian who fully supports Israel, i am so glad this woman found the truth, seeing for herself the lies told by these people, i am proud of her for admitting she was wrong, and i hope she now turns her energies towards assisting the jewish people. God Bless her

  4. Phil Kleinman says:

    Something has to be done about America’s media personnel being cowards and scared to report the real negatives about the Obama Administration. This phoney implanted Muslim president has threatened them not to say bad things about him. If I was a reporter this would compel me to slam him with anything negative I could find about the guy. He has told America that he stands with the Muslims and he does not like Israel. I’m sure most of America would gleefully welcome Israel’s Mossad to come take Obama out feet first.

  5. triangle whip says:

    I have said it so many times. The Islamic Arabs never wanted peace bar none!! See Islamic scriptures —————–
    YUSUFALI: That He may reward those who believe and work righteous deeds, out of his Bounty. For He loves not those who reject Faith.
    “I would love to be martyred in Al1ah’s Cause and then get resurrected and then get martyred, and then get resurrected again and then get martyred and then get resurrected again and then get martyred.”

  6. mendel says:

    the land of israel is g-ds gift to the jews-the bible

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