WATCH: Iranian TV Simulation of Missile Attack on Israel & US



The video aired on Iranian TV depicts Iranian drone attack on Israel & United States aircraft career.

By Ynet

Tel Aviv’s Kikar Hamedina square, Azrieli towers, and the Panorama Towers in Haifa: These are just several targets for Iranian AUVs, at least according to a video shown on television in Teharan over the weekend.


The Iranian “smile offensive” during negotiations with the West on Tehran’s nuclear program did not bring the broadcasting of the inciting clips on local television channels to a stop.

As part of a documentary titled “The Nightmare of Vultures” that was aired on an Iranian television channel over the weekend, the development of the Revolutionary Guard’s drone industry was presented. The same clip also showed a computer simulation of an attack on Israel and the US Air Force stationed in the Persian Gulf with the use of the same UAVs.

The bank of targets, according to the simulation, is extensive. The video begins with the bombing of Kikar Hamedina square in Tel Aviv, continues with missile strikes on Ben Gurion Airport and military bases such as The Kirya, (the IDF headquarters) and ends with Tel Aviv going up in flames. Also in danger, according to the clip, are the Azrieli towers, Panorama Towers in Haifa and the oil refineries in Haifa bay.

The images are not new. The video presented images of victims of the 2006 Lebanon War, and Ehud Olmert, Amir Peretz and Dan Halutz, were also shown, although they have not been in leadership positions for a while.

This isn’t the first time that Iran simulated a missile attack on Israel. Three months ago, the state television aired an hour-long documentary program about the capabilities of Iranian missiles and the possibility of their use in response to foreign threats. The program included a video simulation of a potential response by Iran to an Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities.


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