Watch Israel’s Amos IV satellite successful night-launch


Israel’s fourth satellite launches this evening from Kazakhstan. It joins 3 other Israeli satellites, which are still operational.

By Ynet

The satellite Amos 4, operated by the Israeli company Spacecom, has been launched into space from Kazakhstan on Saturday.

Amos IV launch – 31 Aug 2013

The satellite joins Spacecom’s Amos 5, 2 and 3, which are already operational in space. Amos 6 is expected to be space-ready in 2014.


The satellite is carrying sophisticated communication equipment that allows it to function as a remote transmission and broadcast hub.

It orbits the earth at a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers over the equator, and moves with the direction of the earth’s rotation.

Science and Technology Minister Yaakov Peri addressed the launch and said: “In the digital and satellite era, space and cyber space are critical issues when it comes to Israel’s security. The Israeli Space Agency is expanding its work significantly and launching this satellite is another milestone in the journey that the State of Israel has set – entry into the list of five leading national space programs.


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