WATCH: Netanyahu takes Obama to view Dead Sea Scrolls

On 2nd day of the US Presidential Middle East tour, President Obama visits the Israel Museum and the  technology exposition.



On the second day of his Middle East tour, US President Barack Obama visited the Israel Museum in Jerusalem on Thursday morning.

US President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu examine Dead Sea Scrolls, March 21, 2013. Photo: Courtesy PMO

At the facility, he viewed the Dead Sea Scrolls – ancient Jewish parchments discovered in the West Bank in the 1940s which include secular text dating from the third century BC to the first century AD.

For many years, only a small number of scholars were allowed to view the fragments of the scrolls, but access has since been widened.

A few large pieces of scroll remain on permanent display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

After viewing the scrolls, Obama visited a technology exposition.