WATCH: Palestinian terror parade of children wearing suicide belts, brandishing axes & pistols


Another blatant act of child abuse as Palestinian children wear mock suicide belts in Bethlehem parade, proving once again Israel has no genuine peace partner in Abbas’ PA, since they’re indoctrinating a new generation of Palestinian terrorists.

By Israel Today Staff


In what can only be described as a celebration of violence and death, young Palestinian children participated in a Bethlehem parade last week by dressing up as armed terrorists, complete with mock suicide belts.

The parade marked the 51st anniversary of the first terrorist attack by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement, and was attended by several high ranking Palestinian Authority officials.

Ofer Gentleman, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official spokesman to the Arab media, called the event a glorification of terrorism aimed at encouraging a new generation of Palestinian youth to join the violence.

It was notable that while the Bethlehem-based Palestinian news agency Ma’an covered the parade extensively on its Arabic-language website, the story was completely missing from its English-language website, which is widely followed by the international press.

Yet another example of the Palestinians sending out completely different messages in Arabic and English, just as the parade itself was further evidence that Israel has no Palestinian peace partner at the governmental level.


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