WATCH: Proclaimed Executed By the IDF, ‘Dead’ 13 yr-old Terrorist Eating Well in Israeli Hospital


view videoPhotos emerge of Ahmed Mansra, after Palestinian President Abbas, a known liar & inciter to violence against Jews, made claims he was ‘executed’ by Israel, while also ignoring Mansra had stabbed and seriously wounded 2 Jewish Israelis, one of them a boy his age of 13.

Yael Friedson, Attila Somfalvi


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Arab media have been claiming since Monday that 13-year-old Ahmed Manasra, who was documented committing a terror attack in Pisgat Ze’ev this week, has been “executed” by Israel.

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Ahmed Mansra shot after attempting to kill other Jews after stabbing 13 yr-old Jewish boy on his bike.

Except that Dr. Asher Salmon, the deputy director of the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Karem, said Thursday that the boy is alive, and is in light-to-moderate condition.

Photos of Mansra from the hospital were released to support those statements:

Ahmed Mansra served lunch in his hospital room.

“I want to report on the situation of the Palestinian teen who was involved in the stabbing in Pisgat Ze’ev,” Dr. Salmon said. “He’s being properly treated. Medically, I believe we could discharge him in the next few days.”

A Jewish 13-year-old boy and a 21-year-old were seriously wounded in the attack perpetrated by Mansra and another, 15-year-old, Palestinian teen.

Shortly after the attack, a video of the neutralized Manasra bleeding on the ground went viral online. 

Arab media and Palestinian social media pages claimed the video shows that the Israelis executed an innocent boy.

In a speech he made on Wednesday evening, Abbas insisted that the Palestinians would not surrender to the “Israeli aggression” against the Palestinian people, their holy places, homes, and the “executions of children like Ahmed Manasra.”

In an English translation of Abbas’ speech released by the PLO, however, the Palestinian president is quoted as saying Israel “shoots” Palestinian children in cold blood “as they did with the child Ahmed Manasra,” replacing the word “executions” with a more moderate language.

But while Manasra’s cousin Hassan was shot to death, Ahmed was not shot – he was hit in the head with clubs, suffering a serious head injury.

The translation was released before the publication of the photos showing Manasra alive.

Mansra, 13, and his cousin, age 15, stab passersby in Pisgat Ze’ev

Security footage from the scene of the attack, however, shows Mansra and his cousin Hassan stabbing passersby.


Elior Levy and Roi Yanovsky contributed to this report.


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