WATCH: With Bible in Hand, Israeli Ambassador Tells UNSC They Can’t Stop the Jews

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, reminded the UN Security Council of Chanukah, and how the Greek overlords of the time couldn’t put down the Jews, and neither can today’s UN stop Jews from building in their Eternal Capital of Jerusalem.


In this video, Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Danny Danon addresses the UN Security Council following the passing of UNSC Resolution 2334.




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  1. Isn’t this way over-the-top drama by Ambassador Danon? The Hanukkah story doesn’t even appear in the Hebrew Bible. It is a Talmudic one that downplayed the militancy of the Maccabees. The Maccabees eventually became fanatics and a Jewish civil war ensued.

    All the UN voted to say to Israel is — “Stop building settlements in the Palestinian Territories.” I support that resolution and am Jewish and very pro-Israel.

    • AshleyA says:

      The UN Resolution calls for Israel to stop building in E. Jerusalem where the Jewish quarter is and in all of judea and sumaria. Judea and Sumaria were Israel territory in the map set out by the UN in 1948 (League of Nations, as it was called then.) West of the Jordan River was Israel and the East was Jordan.

      The Arabs didn’t accept the state of Israel and attacked that very same day that she was declared independent by international law. The war, they started ended, and the place where everyone was became known as the green line (since Jordan had illegally occupied Jerusalem and Judea and Sumaria, and ethnically cleansed the places where they were (like all the ME muslim states).

      If you read the bible, there is a place where G-d said to Abraham to look around and everything he saw belonged to the Jewish nation. He was standing in Hebron when that was said, where many of our prophets are buried. Hebron today is a Palestinian terror hub and it is very hard for Jews to even go there.

      Same with Jerusalem, when Jordan illegally occupied it from 1948-67, it was closed to Jews and Christians, so we were not allowed to visit our holiest sites in the world. When Israel got it back in a defensive war, it again was open to everyone, as it is today.

      The biggest problem is that the palestinian arabs have made it very clear that any state of theirs will be ethnically cleansed of Jews, so why would you agree to that?

  2. Valeria says:

    SHAME on the racist u.n.!

    Israel belongs to the Jews. Jerusalem belongs ti the Jews. There are NO valid “palestinians” alive today … the true Palestinians died out eons ago; those claims to be are liars and land thieves. muslims are not palestinians. muslims are not Jews. muslims have NO claim in the Land of Israel at all.

    And the u.n. has no right at all to decide where Jews live IN THEIR LAND.

    Israel belongs to the Jews and Jerusalem is their Capitol. THAT is H.I.S.T.O.R.Y. The racist and muslim-owned u.n. may think to rewrite and reinvent History, but like barak hussain obama who also thought to rewrite and reinvent American and Israeli History… and has been brought up to speed lately: YOU WILL LOSE this battle.

    America stands with Israel on this issue.

    SHAME on the u.n. for their racist and IMmoral decision to rob the Jews of what rightfully belongs to them.

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