Yet Another Video of Naked IDF Soldiers Goes Viral


After 1st set of naked photos of IDF girls gain global glory as the ‘Gaza Strip,’ now a new video of female soldiers dancing ‘half-naked’ goes public.



One week after the naked IDF soldiers’ photos scandal, which reached headlines in tabloids worldwide, a video distributed through social media is threatening to one-up the last high jinks.

IDF girls“Dance like whores on a pole,” one of the soldiers is heard saying at the beginning of the clip. Contrary to the previous photographs, the identity of the participants in the video is unknown, as is the date it was shot.

In the clip, one of the soldiers tells her friend she will upload the video to Facebook, and warns her: “I’m uploading this, you shouldn’t look at the video. I’m uploading this on Facebook and I’m tagging you.”

In the video, the soldiers can be seen dancing – some in uniform and most only in underwear – with their weapons lying nearby.

התמונות שחוללו את הסערה

After last week’s photos and ensuing media hubbub, the IDF hastened to denounce the photographs as contrary to IDF code, but various media outlets worldwide picked up the story, dubbed it “Gaza Strip” and merrily published the photographs, unblurred.

In these photos, which promptly turned viral, the soldiers were seen clad in nothing but underwear and their weapons.

Former IDF chief censor failed to join in the shock and outcry. “Was someone shocked? I don’t think they were. I have similar photos in my album, but they’re locked in the base.

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