1000 Palestinians plan to protest Canadian PM’s appearance at JNF event


JNF-KKL event honoring Canadian PM Harper expected to attract 1,000 strong Palestinian protesters against Israel’s Bedouin resettlement bill.

‘JNF’s trees are soldiers in Zionist army of occupation’ says Palestinian.

By Ofer Petersburg

Canadian police forces are currently preparing for a Palestinian protest against Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who is expected to participate in a Jewish National Fund of Canada event.

The event is a dinner being held in the prime minister’s honor and the protest is expected to be attract at least 1,000 people. According to the protest’s organizers, the demonstration is being held in wake of the Praver Plan to resettle Bedouins.

“In light of the fact that KKL is active in the Negev we see in JNF’s trees are soldiers in the Zionist army of occupation,” a Palestinian told Ynet.

Harper is considered pro-Israeli and he is a staunch supporter of Israel, despite ongoing pressure from Muslim groups. Harper was one of the first world leaders to express his support of Israel’s campaign against the nuclear deal reached with Iran in Geneva.

“Canada’s foreign policy has embraced Israel during his Harper’s tenure,” Efi Stenzler head of KKL-JNF said, adding that “this is not something that can be taken for granted.”

More than 4,500 Jews and pro-Israeli Christians will take part in the event with some evening paying $100,000 for a place at the table – with all revenues to be donated to Israel.

Harper, it is worth noting, will not only participate in the event but has requested to make a private and personal donation of his own which will go to Hula Valley center. Efi Stenzler will represent the State of Israel at the event and plans to announce that the center will be named for Harper.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to congratulate the Canadian leader in a video message.


Ofer Petersburg is a Yedioth Ahronoth reporter

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