1940s Irgun revolver recovered during weapons collection op

During the nation-wide operation to collect unlicensed weapons, police recover a 1940s pistol that belonged to a deceased ‘Farmers’ Association’ member.


Entire operation collected roughly 2,000 weapons

Ahiya Raved

A “Wobbly” model revolver, used by a member of the Association of Farmers during the 1940s, was one of the finds of an operation to collect unlicensed weapons, carried out in the Northern District. Police noted that 2,000 arms were seized, some belonging to people who were no longer alive. The operation is taking place nationwide. 

דניאלי והאקדח. האלמנה סייעה בחיפוש  (צילום: דוברות המשטרה, המחוז הצפוני)

Danieli and the gun – Photo: Israel Police, Northern District

The oldest weapon police collected during the operation was in Yavniel. The gun’s owner was no longer alive and his 90-year-old widow assisted in the search. “The woman helped the community police officer search and together they found the gun,” said Tiberias Police commander Chief Superintendent Avi Danieli.

“The woman said that her husband’s gun was used in the 1940s, when he served in the Irgun underground during the British Mandate,” Danieli added. The gun was made unusable in the Israel Police Headquarters laboratories, and then transferred to the police firearms museum.

It should be noted that the operation was for the collection of unlicensed (and not illegal weapons), according to a list provided by the Interior Ministry. Weapons collected were sent for ballistic testing at the police laboratories to ensure that they were not used in criminal incidents. After this, they were destroyed. The record for the most weapons collected in the north was at the Illit station, with 300 firearms.

“These are cases where the owner of the weapon is no longer capable of bearing arms, whether because of age, because of health, or because they have passed on,” said District Chief Operations Officer, Commander Eli Krispil. “Usually, there is no objection from the owner, except for a few cases in which the gun is a souvenir from someone.”

District Commander Major General Roni Attia, who ordered the operation, said, “We will continue to invest in finding and collecting unlicensed weapons. Anyone caught with unauthorized weapons, we will deal with according to law.”


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