1st Time Ever: 2 Arrested in Lebanon for rocket attacks on Israel

Both arrested Lebanese men confessed to supplying 4 rockets used in August 22 attacks on Israel’s Galilee.

Lebanese Army expects further arrests.



Lebanese authorities arrested two suspects for involvement in rocket attacks from the country’s territory into northern Israel earlier this month, The Daily Star reported on Saturday.

Katyusha Rocket shot at Galilee (archive) – IsraelandStuff/PP

According to the report, the Lebanese Armed Forces stated that the suspects, Youssef Muhammad Fliti and Omar Abdel-Mawla al-Atrash, confessed to supplying the four rockets used in the attacks.

The suspects said that they transferred the rockets to a man in the southern Lebanese city of Tyre.

Lebanese authorities expected to make further arrests in the incident, The Daily Star reported.

Of the four Katyusha rockets fired at Israel on August 22, two crossed the border, causing some damage, but no injuries. One missile hit Kibbutz Gesher Haziv, damaging a road and vehicles parked on it. Another struck in a built-up community in the Western Galilee.

The Israel Air Force responded to the rockets hours after they were fired, striking a Palestinian terrorist target south of Beirut. The IDF attributed the rocket fire to a radical Sunni al-Qaida-affiliated group.

Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report.


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