2 Kuwaiti MPs: ‘It is Permitted’ to Engage in Dealings With Israel

2 Kuwaiti Members of Parliament gave their reasons why the Kingdom can & does enter into arrangements with Israel, according to MEMRI.

By Rina Tzvi



Two Kuwaiti Members of Parliament gave their approval for the kingdom to have dealings with Israel, according to an English translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Meeting of Arab League – Photo: AFP

“If the security of Kuwait requires the purchase of Israeli equipment, I will do so and I will love the Israelis for it,” said MP Nabil Al-Fadhl, going against the commonly held belief in the Arab world.

“It is permitted to deal with anyone for the sake of Kuwait’s security,” he said, according to MEMRI.

In a second interview, MP Hammad Al-Dosari added his belief that Islamic law permits such dealings saying, “The shari’a permits us to have dealings with the Israelites.”

In response the interviewer noting that the MP has been widely criticized for holding such beliefs, Al-Dosari said: “Because they are ignorant about the sharia. I tell you that the Prophet Muhammad had dealings [with the Jews]. You criticize me?! Go criticize the Prophet Muhammad. A Muslim does not talk. He obeys the instructions of the Prophet Muhammad.”

Kuwaiti MPs Justify Trade Ties with Israel

The interviews originally appeared on Al-Adala TV via the Internet between June 18-25, 2013.


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