2 Palestinian 15yr-old terrorists shot dead after ambush of IDF soldiers


Firefight ends with 2 Palestinian terrorists shot dead by IDF reserve soldiers who came under fire with teenaged terrorists just after their unit arrived to respond to a rock-throwing incident near Jenin.

By Ari Soffer


IDF forces killed two terrorists in Samaria on Sunday morning, after coming under fire while on patrol.

According to the army, IDF forces were fired upon while patrolling near the Jewish village of Hinanit, close to Jenin in northern Samaria, as they went to respond to reports of a rock-throwing attack.

When forces reached the site of the incident one of the terrorists ambushed them and opened fire. Soldiers returned fire and killed the two terrorists.

The attackers were found to have been armed with an M-16 assault rifle and a knife.

No IDF soldiers were injured in the incident.

In a statement released shortly after the incident, the IDF said: “The force responded to the shooting and fired towards the attackers, resulting in their deaths.”

The Palestinian Authority health ministry named those killed as Nihad Waked and Fuad  , both 15 years old.

It follows two terrorist attacks over Shabbat in which several people were injured.

In the first, an Arab woman stabbed and lightly injured an Israeli soldier, and moderately wounded a Palestinian man who tried to stop her, in an attack in Hevron. She was shot dead by soldiers.

Later, an Arab terrorist injured four Border Police officers in a car ramming attack near Maalei Adumim. Other officers responded by opening fire on the car, injuring three Arab occupants.


Raphael Poch contributed to this report.

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