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Palestinians accuse Israel of assassinating journalist without proof of evidence

Israeli security source: Palestinians refuse IDF’s access to the bullet that killed Al Jazeera journalist because they know Israeli forensic technology, light-years ahead of their own, could definitively identify the actual shooter. – What are they afraid of?

By Eitan Divinsky


A preliminary investigation into Wednesday’s gun battle between IDF troops and terror suspects in Jenin revealed that Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqlah was located to the north of the IDF unit taking part in the fighting, while most of the bullets fired by the soldiers were shot towards the south.

However, individual bullets were also fired in a northerly direction, so the IDF has not completely ruled out the possibility that the journalist was killed by its troops. Continue Reading »

Palestinians to build power plant in Jenin


Israel supports request by Palestine Investment Fund to construct a power plant in the Jenin Industrial Zone, that should create 1,000 jobs for Palestinians as well as reduce cost of electricity in the Palestinian Authority.

By Elior Levy


Israel has approved in principle the construction of the first Palestinian power station in the West Bank, expected to be built in the Jenin Industrial Zone, near the Gilboa-Jalame checkpoint.

Palestinian power plant

The Prime Minister’s Office issued the approval after the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF), led by a confidante of President Mahmoud Abbas and former deputy prime minister Mohammed Mustafa, submitted a request through the Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT). Continue Reading »

2 Palestinian 15yr-old terrorists shot dead after ambush of IDF soldiers


Firefight ends with 2 Palestinian terrorists shot dead by IDF reserve soldiers who came under fire with teenaged terrorists just after their unit arrived to respond to a rock-throwing incident near Jenin.

By Ari Soffer


IDF forces killed two terrorists in Samaria on Sunday morning, after coming under fire while on patrol.

According to the army, IDF forces were fired upon while patrolling near the Jewish village of Hinanit, close to Jenin in northern Samaria, as they went to respond to reports of a rock-throwing attack.

When forces reached the site of the incident one of the terrorists ambushed them and opened fire.

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Economic prosperity is reason Jenin withdrew from latest wave of Palestinian terrorism


Once the home of suicide bombers, Jenin is now the quietest city in the West Bank after district leaders rushed to restore calm, because the residents realized their economic prosperity could end, since ‘an attack on Israelis is an attack against us,’ says local businessman.

By Elior Levy


Jenin, once a stronghold of suicide bombers, is the quietest town in the West Bank these days. After four attempted terror attacks at the nearby Jalamah checkpoint, the people there understood their economic prosperity could be endangered and immediately took action to calm things down.

The ‘quiet’ Jalamah checkpoint in Jenin – Photo: Israel Border Authority

It’s a quiet morning hour at the entrance gate leading into Jenin. Continue Reading »

Palestinian gunmen open fire on PA security forces in Jenin wounding three




Three Palestinians were wounded, one of them seriously, in a gun battle that erupted in Jenin refugee camp late Tuesday between Palestinian security officers and local gunmen.

The armed clashes erupted after gunmen opened fire into the air during a rally in protest against visits by Jews to the Temple Mount, eyewitnesses said.

Bullet impacts are seen on a wall as a Palestinian man inspects a house where two members of the military wing of Hamas, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, and a civilian were killed on March 22, 2014 during an Israeli military operation in the northern West Bank of Jenin.

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IDF on High Alert After Deadly Jenin Anti-Terrorist Operation

Israel’s Special Forces cornering wanted Hamas leader in Jenin, resulting in his death along with 2 others, may facilitate more Palestinian violence.

By Tommy Mueller


Israeli security forces killed three Palestinian terrorists during gun battles in the northern Samaria town of Jenin early Saturday morning. Among the dead was the objective of the raid, Hamza Abu al-Hija (22), one of the most wanted terrorist leaders in the so-called “West Bank.”

High Alert After Deadly Anti-Terror Raid

Another ‘Pallywood Photo’ where a clean undamaged prop is placed on top of the rubble for convenient photo opportunity.

Around 15,000 people attended the weekend funeral for the three young men. Continue Reading »

Israel Counter-terrorism helmet-cam shows soldiers in Jenin kill Hamas terrorist


Watch: Helmet-cam video documenting the raid, shows the YAMAM forces storm the building where 22 yr-old Hamza Abu Al-Haija was hiding, & the fire exchange he initiated that led to his death.

By Yoav Zitun


Police counter-terrorism (Yamam) fighters killed three Palestinians in Jenin overnight, among them 22-year-old Hamza Abu Al-Haija, the son of a senior Hamas official in the West Bank. The Yamam found an M-16 assault-rifle on Al-Haija, a Hamas man himself. Mahmoud Abu Zina, from the Islamic Jihad’s military wing, was also among the dead. During the overnight raid, two Yamam fighters were lightly injured.

Bodies of three Palestinians killed in the operation (Photo: AFP)

Bodies of three Palestinians killed in the operation – Photo: AFP

The video, filmed with a Go-Pro camera, shows the incident unfolding. Continue Reading »

Palestinian shot dead, 7 injured in Jenin from clashes with Police special forces


Palestinian reports say 1 died from gunshot wound and 7 injured as result of clashes with  MAGAV unit that arrived in refugee camp in search of terror suspect.

By Elior Levy


A Palestinian was killed on Wednesday as a result of clashes with an Israeli security force in a refugee camp in the West Bank town of Jenin, Palestinian sources reported.

The Palestinian who was killed, identified as Nafa Jamil Saadi, 22, has reportedly died of his wounds while being evacuated to a hospital.

The Israeli security force, with the Border Guard’s counterterrorism unit, has entered the Jenin refugee camp dressed as technicians to arrest an Islamic Jihad operative, who, in light of the exchange of fire, was not detained. Continue Reading »

Arab hurl handmade grenade at Israeli school bus in West Bank

IDF reports no injuries or damage in terror incident just West of Jenin in West Bank.




A supposed makeshift grenade was thrown at an Israeli bus transporting students to schools on Friday morning in the northern West Bank near the village of Yaabud, west of Jenin.

A Magen David Adom ambulance.

A Magen David Adom ambulance. – Photo: REUTER

No injuries or damage were reported.

Security forces were sweeping the area.

The IDF could not confirm the identity of the perpetrator.

“I ​​hope now there will be an aggressive decision to bring attention to the area to prevent further attacks,” Army Radio quoted Shomron Regional Council head Gershon Mesika as saying. Continue Reading »

PA Police begin security crackdown on Jihadists in Jenin


Hundreds of Palestinian police officers arrest wanted individuals in & around West Bank city of Jenin including a raid at the home of Jihadist leader Bassam Saadi.

By Elior Levy

The Palestinian Authority is trying to regain control of the problemtic refugee camps in the West Bank. The PA’s security forces began this weekend an arrest operation that concentrates mainly on the refugee camp in Jenin.

Palestinian forces arriving at Jenin – Photo: AP

The operation began on Wednesday, when hundreds of security forces entered the city. During the operation, forces raided the homes of suspects, some of whom are also wanted by the IDF. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Terrorist Shot Dead in Jenin Firefight

Israel’s Security forces were attacked with grenades and improvised explosives during arrest of major suspect, who later died of his injuries.

By Ari Soffer


One man has been killed in the PA Arab town of Jenin, after Israeli security forces came under fierce attack during an operation to arrest a major terror suspect.

Terrorists hurled hand-grenades and firebombs at the arresting forces, who responded with live fire, lightly injuring one of the attackers, who was subsequently apprehended and taken to an Israel hospital for treatment.

During the operation security forces identified the terror suspect they had been searching for, who attempted to flee. Continue Reading »

Attacking Arab Shot Dead While Apprehending Terrorist During IDF Operation

When Security forces came under attack, live fire was ordered to guarantee the safety of the soldiers during an operation to arrest Islamic Jihad terrorist Bassam Saadi in Jenin.

By Ari Soffer



Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian Authority Arab and wounded two others during an operation early Tuesday in the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Jenin in Samaria (Shomron)

Security forces were attempting to apprehend a member of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization when they came under attack.

“During the activity, shots were fired at the forces and improvised explosive devices and rocks were hurled at the security personnel, injuring two soldiers,” a military spokeswoman told AFP. Continue Reading »

‘Quiet’ Arrest Turns Into Shootout in Jenin

One terrorist shot & hurt as terrorists & rock-throwers clash with soldiers in northern Samaria.

By Maayana Miskin


Terrorists launched an attack on an IDF unit in northern Samaria early on Friday morning, IDF sources have revealed.

Attackers opened fire on IDF troops near the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Jenin. At the same time, other Arab attackers hurled rocks at the soldiers.

Soldiers were in the area to arrest a PA Arab man suspected of terror-related crimes.

Soldiers returned fire, hitting one attacker and wounding him. The wounded man was taken to a local PA hospital for treatment.

The troops managed to arrest the suspect they had come for despite the attack. Continue Reading »

IDF arrest raid in Jenin turns into riot

Attempt by IDF to arrest wanted militant in Jenin leads to some 500 Palestinians rioting in the streets hurling firebombs, rocks & burning tires.

IDF dog bites Palestinian woman & 23-year-old shot in leg

By Gili Cohen and


An Israel Defense forces arrest raid in the West Bank early Thursday turned into a violent confrontation with local Palestinians, for the second time this week.

Border Police officers entered the Jenin refugee camp before dawn to arrest a wanted Palestinian militant suspected of involvement in terrorist activities.

Palestinians throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers in West Bank village of Tamoun

Palestinians throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers in West Bank village of Tamoun – Photo: AP

A demonstration broke out during the raid, the IDF said, with some 500 Palestinians hurling stones, firebombs, and burning tires in the streets. Continue Reading »