2 Pro-Israel Arab Boys Under Threat, Now Looking for Safe Houses Abroad

Concerned Zionists are are working to find Yihya Mahmeed & Mohammad Zoabi,  safe houses where they can remain protected.

By Gil Ronen


Concerned Zionists are are working to place two courageous Muslim youths from Israel, Mohammad Zoabi and Yihya Mahmeed, in safe environments – after they expressed opinions sympathetic to the abducted Jewish teens and became targets of hatred in the radical Muslim community.

2 boys

2 Brave Pro-Israel Arab Boys: Yihya Mahmeed ( left) & Mohammad Zoabi (right)

Zoabi received much media attention after he posted a video on Facebook expressing his concern for the three teen hostages. Mahmeed uploaded a picture of himself to Facebook, with a large Israeli flag and a sign saying “#Bring Back Our Boys.”

The two boys, both high school students, immediately began receiving death threats. Several of Zoabi’s relatives were arrested on suspicion of planning to abduct him to Samaria. Mahmeed was assaulted in the street in his city of Umm al Fahm the other day while he was walking to school for his final exams. As result, he missed his exam.

“We are a handful of concerned Israelis and friends of Israel,” writes the group in a page dedicated to raising funds for the project.

“We are currently seeking a safe place for the boys outside of Israel until the situation claims down,” adds the group working to assist the two. “Hopefully, a trusted host will be found. The funds we are trying to raise will be used for air fare and upkeep expenses for the two boys.”

“If this works you might be saving a boys’ lives. These two boys have proven deserving of that protection. They are sticking their own necks out for Israel. We feel that it’s our collective responsibility to help them as best as we can. So, we are asking you to chip in.” The donation page can be accessed at this link.

In his latest video, Zoabi addressed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and said: “To Bibi and his entire government, I say – wake up and stop cooperating with terrorists. The Palestinian Authority is the biggest terrorist.

“On the day before yesterday, these three youths were abducted,” he continued, “and tomorrow it could be me, you or any other Israeli – Arab or Jewish. I am an Israeli and will remain an Israeli. Israel will remain a Jewish and democratic country.” He concluded with the traditional Jewish salutation, “Am Yisrael chai.”

The courageous and eloquent Zoabi recently stated in a unique interview that he is a Zionist and loves the state of Israel.

“I really believe that I’m a lucky Arab and a lucky human being and a lucky Middle Eastern[er] that I was born in this little tiny piece of land!”, he stated. Pointing to the Golan Heights from the window of his interviewer’s home, in the Israeli community of Massad, he noted how bad life is beyond the border, for Syrians.


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