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Fleeing Hebron, Palestinian siblings want to convert to Judaism

Growing up in a culture of threats, abuse, and honor killings, a Palestinian Muslim teen sought out her half-brother for help, ending up in Israel with him, with both planning to convert to Judaism and joining the IDF.

By Israel National News


Born to the same father but different mothers, Saddam and Sadden Awoudeh were never close growing up.

The two half-siblings, both raised as Muslims in the Palestinian Authority-controlled section of the city of Hebron, were born twelve years apart, and saw little of each other growing up.

Over the last year, however, the two have been brought together – in part by their shared plans to convert to Judaism. Continue Reading »

Israeli Christian Zionist urges fellow Arabs to not vote for the Arab Party

Referring to past Arab Knesset members, Yoseph Haddad reminds his fellow Israeli Christians, “They do not care about us; they are only involved in the provocations promoting the Palestinian cause… It is time to start building the bridges that will lead to a united society (of Jews and Arabs together) in the State of Israel, in our home.”

By David Lazarus


Yoseph Haddad, a Christian Arab Israeli and wounded IDF veteran is appealing in an open letter to all Arab citizens in Israel not to vote for the United Arab List next week, but to go out and elect representatives “who will work with us in the Knesset for the next 4 years.” Continue Reading »

Muslim Zionist exposes those who only know, ‘How to defame Israel’

Once anti-Zionists feel defeated in speaking with Zionists, or they feel they’re not winning the topic they started, because they’ve refused to accept historical facts, they begin abusing the other speaker & begin using foul language against and about the Jewish people.

– Let’s Defame the Jewish State of Israel

By Noor Dahri


During the many years since I started talking with my fellow Muslims about their baseless arguments against the state of Israel, I could see them arguing without knowledge. I could tell they know nothing about Israel. They had a few topics to discuss, “illegal settlements, Gaza being blockaded, unlawful occupation and Israeli operations against Hamas, the Holy Land belongs to Palestinians and Palestinians are indigenous habitants of the land.” Continue Reading »

Pro-Israel Palestinian Arab calls out anti-Israel Jews at AIPAC


Solomon, a Palestinian Arab born into a religious Muslim family, also spoke out during the IfNotNow demonstration outside the AIPAC conference Sunday, calling the claim that Israel occupies Arab land, “a lie.”

By David Rosenberg


Anti-Israel demonstrators associated with the IfNotNow organization protested outside of the AIPAC conference in Washington DC on Sunday, blasting the Netanyahu government, Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and AIPAC’s support for Israel.

The protesters included a large contingent of far-left Jewish radicals, including IfNotNow founder Simone Zimmerman, who served as Jewish outreach coordinator for Bernie Sanders’ Democratic primary bid in 2016.

Sandra Solomon – Photo Courtesy of CIJNEWS.COM

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First Christian Arab qualifies for IAF elite pilots course


Unlike the Bedouin who have been volunteering for the IDF since the state was founded, Christian Arab enlistment is still relatively new.
• IDF: All roles are open to all recruits provided they meet the stringent IDF requirements as any other soldier.

By Lilach Shoval


An Israeli Christian Arab was among the cadets who began the Israeli Air Force 179th pilots course three months ago, Israel Hayom has learned. The young man, whose name cannot be revealed, is the first Christian Arab to make it into the prestigious course.

The cadet is currently in the initial flight stage of the course, after which the IAF makes a round of cuts. Continue Reading »

Meet the other Hassan Nasrallah, an Israeli lifesaver


With his infamous namesake notwithstanding, meet Israel’s own Hassan Nasrallah, an Israeli Arab who’s chosen a different path, one dedicate to saving the lives of others as an Israeli EMT with United Hatzalah.

Arutz Sheva Staff


When most people hear the name Hassan Nasrallah, it arouses negative sentiments for the leader of the Lebanese terrorist organization of Hezbollah. They are reminded of a man who has the blood of thousands on his hands. While the man may live in infamy, the name is shared by another individual, an Israeli, who has chosen to dedicate his life to saving the lives of others. Continue Reading »

And the Group Keeps Growing: Brave Muslim Zionists


view videoMeet a few, empowered by the freer flow of information & ideas, Muslims & Arabs who know the truth is not what they’ve been taught since birth, and who have openly identified themselves as Zionists.

By Noah Beck


Muslims and Arabs who openly identify as Zionists are growing in number – powered by the freer flow of information and ideas made possible by social media and the search for answers in the wake of the Arab Spring and Islamist terror.

Muhammad Zoabi

A new Facebook page for Arab supporters of Israel has attracted about 20,000 followers. The page, which shares content in English, Arabic, and Hebrew, was founded by a religious Jewish woman and an Arab man. Continue Reading »

Israeli Arab Muslim Attacked Over Pro-Israel Facebook Photo


Persevering after being attacked by fellow Arab for posting Israeli flag on Facebook, Khaled Abu Mokh says many more Arabs do love Israel.

By Israel Today Staff


Khaled Abu Mokh is an Israeli Arab Muslim who loves the Jewish state. He works at a hotel in Jerusalem, together with a number of other Israeli Arabs. Last week, one of those Arab co-workers violently attacked Abu Mokh over his pro-Israel stance.

Khaled Abu Mokh being treated for a head-wound in hospital. – Photo: JNi Media/Facebook

The confrontation began when a fellow Arab co-worker used his coffee break to surf Facebook, where he saw that Khaled’s profile picture included an Israeli flag.
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Israeli Christians: Decades of “Living a Lie” are Over

Father Naddaf explained that he “understands that it is essential to connect Christian Arabs to Israel & the Jews.” Israeli Arab (Muslim) leadership, he said, “has fooled us into living a lie. They call Israel an apartheid state.”

By Yossi Aloni


The National Zionist Congress for Youth convened last week to discuss the phenomenon of emigration from the Land of Israel. On what turned out to be a fascinating panel were Mia Morano, widow of IDF special forces officer Emanuel Moreno who was killed in the Second Lebanon War, Israeli priest Father Gabriel Naddaf and IDF Major Elias Karam, the first Arab Christian to join the naval officers’ school.
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Israel’s Loyal Christians Featured in Wall Street Journal Essay



Mainstream media increasingly noticing trend among Israel’s Christians joining the IDF and wanting to integrate into Israeli society.

By Israel Today Staff


As Israel’s former ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, stated on several occasions, Israel has proved to be the one place in the Middle East where Christians can not only live without persecution, but can actually thrive.

Christians Love Israel – Photo: .thepeoplesvoice

It is no secret to the readers of Israel Today that a growing number of Israeli Christians, in particular a large group from Nazareth, are responding by volunteering to serve in the IDF and fully integrating with Israeli society as loyal and productive citizens. Continue Reading »

Christian Spokesman: Calling on Israel to Stop Combating Terror Is Epitome of Hypocrisy

Israeli Christians says ‘Enough With Western Hypocrisy!’  The West should be supporting IDF for being the only army to oppose Islamic terror and protecting Christians in the Middle East.

By Israel Today Staff


Yesterday, we reported on a demonstration by Israeli Christians in solidarity with their persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq, and in support of the Israeli army that is now combating the same type of Muslim extremism in Gaza.
Israeli Christian Spoaksman,  Shadi Khalloul - Photo source: Israel Today
Israeli Christian Spoaksman, Shadi Khalloul – Photo source: Israel Today

Following the demonstration, the spokesman for the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, which advocates young Christians join the IDF and which organized Sunday’s rally, made a powerful plea in an interview with Israel’s Channel One.

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Zionist Arab Youth Calls Relative, MK Zoabi a Terrorist & to “Get the hell out of Israel”

Fearless Nazareth youth I have a summer vacation, and I am ready to work so I can get you the money to leave Israel.has uploaded a powerful new video message addressed to his relative, MK Hanin Zoabi saying, “Look, sweetie. You are a traitor who is rudely sitting in our parliament and being openly anti-Semitic…I have a summer vacation, and I am ready to work so I can get you the money to get the hell out of Israel.”

By Gil Ronen


A fearless and independent-minded Arab youth from Nazareth, Mohammed Zoabi, who gained fame as a self-declared “Muslim ZIonist” and has had to go underground because of death threats, has recorded and uploaded a powerful new video message directed at his relative, MK Hanin Zoabi. Continue Reading »

2 Pro-Israel Arab Boys Under Threat, Now Looking for Safe Houses Abroad

Concerned Zionists are are working to find Yihya Mahmeed & Mohammad Zoabi,  safe houses where they can remain protected.

By Gil Ronen


Concerned Zionists are are working to place two courageous Muslim youths from Israel, Mohammad Zoabi and Yihya Mahmeed, in safe environments – after they expressed opinions sympathetic to the abducted Jewish teens and became targets of hatred in the radical Muslim community.

2 boys

2 Brave Pro-Israel Arab Boys: Yihya Mahmeed ( left) & Mohammad Zoabi (right)

Zoabi received much media attention after he posted a video on Facebook expressing his concern for the three teen hostages. Mahmeed uploaded a picture of himself to Facebook, with a large Israeli flag and a sign saying “#Bring Back Our Boys.” Continue Reading »