26 yr-old fish farmer bitten by shark off Ashdod Port


According to paramedics who treated the fish farm worker, a shark partially removed his hand.



An approximately 26-year-old man was bitten by a shark off the Ashdod Port on Sunday.
Shark swims in Mediterranean [file]

Shark swims in Mediterranean [file] – Photo: REUTERS

MDA paramedics treated the man who was in moderate condition after the shark removed part of his hand. He was transported to Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv.The man was working at a fish farm in the area when he was bitten, according to MDA.

In February, 2012 two fisherman in the northern coastal city of Acre caught a 3-meter blue shark in their net.

Omri Gal, a spokesman for the Parks and Nature Authority said at the time that during Israel’s shark season larger than usual numbers of sharks come closer to the country’s shores in areas like Hadera and Ashkelon, where power plants are near the sea.

Gal said the sharks seek out those areas so that they can hunt the fish that swim in the warm waters that stream into the sea from the power plants.

Ben Hartman contributed to this report.