4 IDF soldiers hurt by blast on Israel-Syrian border



Four Israeli soldiers were wounded Tuesday after an explosive device was detonated on their patrol along the Syrian border, near the Druze village of Majdal Shams.

File picture shows Israeli soldiers in a training field in the Golan Heights, next to the Israeli-Syrian border ( Jack Guez (AFP/File) )

Israel responded to the explosion with artillery fire on the Syrian city of Quneitra, where the assailants were believed to have hailed from and air force jets have reportedly been circling over the northern Golan Heights.

The army also instructed local farmers to evacuate the area and all construction works on the Syrian border fence have been temporarily halted.

Two of the Israeli soldiers were transferred to Seif Hospital in Safed with minor to moderate injuries.

An initial investigation of the incident revealed that the device may have been detonated by remote control by operatives who were watching the troops from a distance.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Syrian border region has recently been overrun by Hezbollah and Jihadist terrorists, posing new challenges to Israel.

“In recent years we have managed to maintain calm despite the civil war raging in Syria. On this front too we will act aggressively to protect Israel’s security.


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